Backstage is a career and casting agency focused in the entertainment industry. Its primary office is based out of New York and has another branch in LA.

The websites is based on several functionality aspects and we have ensured that we cover all the areas in the best possible way to provide the users with maximum exposure in minimum number of clicks. We have built an audition calendar that provides a detailed listing of all auditions for the user to plan in advance. The list can be customised and sorted as per requirement based on user location, union status, audition type, day and date wise so on.

The website also features a monologuer wherein the user can generate a monologue to prepare an audition. The website also features an expert section where the backstage experts post their advices on common issues addressing the artists.

Backstage is more than just a website, it’s an entire agency on the web. It is a perfect example of how a business can run seamlessly only just with a great idea. It provides all solutions packed into one website. From scheduling an audition, to appointing an agent, to preparing using a monologue, it has all industry updates, resources, forum, post a job and a great friend like feel. And yes the website is entirely manageable at their end and has hardly faced any major issues since the time it has gone online.